Adaptive 5.5" Inch Loop Scissors – These easy-squeeze scissors help teens, children or toddlers or those with low coordination or hand strength cut safely and easily. Adult Supervision required.

Brand: Special Surprise

Shipping: $2.50

Sales Tax: 6%

Price: $3.00 per scissor

Retail: $8.00 per scissor

HEAVY DUTY: Sturdy art paper that's both thick and malleable - conveniently bound into a pad for easy accessibility.


240 sheets

Brand: Crayola

Shipping: $2.50

Tax: 6%

Price: $5.99

Retail: $9.99

Marvelous Marbles: Create the ultimate space for kid creativity with the 154 pieces Marble Run Marble Maze! Packed with 98 pieces of Marble Run Maze Track and 56 Marvelous Marbles, this terrific playset is built for captivating the imagination. Note: Designed for kids aged 4 years and older.

Wild Variety: The Marble Run Marble Maze contains all sorts of fun track additions: windmills, loops, U-turn slides & more. The whole audience is going to be amazed while watching each marble travel through your maze masterpiece.

Creative Freedom: There are plenty of ways to construct your race track by setting up almost a hundred of the roller maze pieces in a variety of creative ways. Follow along with easy-to-read illustrated instructions to make your masterpiece or simply put it together using your collective creativity.

Brand: Little Fun Toys

Price: $30.99

Retail: $48.42

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